Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Have Been Nominated For The BILF Award! Also, I Hit My Head On Something This Weekend.

Just a quick little post to distract me from endless hours of homework that I have procrastinated on this entire weekend.

The wonderful and classy Allie has decided under god knows what circumstances to honor me with the BILF award, the "Blogger I'd Like to Fuck." I am so surprised, I haven't even prepared a speech for this momentous occasion. 

This is the second award that I have received, and I decided that this one is going to be blogged about. Thank you Allie, for wanting to have sex with me. You're pretty fucking delightful. If you are ever in the area, we should probably get together. But for now, cybersex I guess will have to do. 

Here are some more sexy funny bloggers that I would just die of happiness if we could have cybersex JUST ONE FUCKING TIME. 

briLikethebear - You and I have probably the same exact type of humor, and that's why I fucking love your shit. Get at me brah, let the dirty sexting begin. 

Miss Sassy Pants - Well I know you in real life, but why the fuck haven't we boned yet? If you haven't read her shit, you're seriously missing out on this blog queen bee bitch. 

Kayleigh - This gorgeous female is wonderful. Her blog is so creative and full of great pictures. Plus she's hot, uhmmmm HELLO. I'm sold. 

KG - This girl has been reading my shit since day one along with that Allie beez. I have mad love for this woman, and I hope she knows that I'm crashing in her bed when I move to New York next year. 

ms.composure - Her page is always filled to da brim with these crazy and hilarious photos and videos that bring me immense pleasure. Plus her bod is bangin', sexy can I? 

So there you have it, some classy ladies that I'm tryin' to bone. Wish me luck. 

Weekend Highlights
. Bought at least five rounds of shots (I only work 5 hours a week)
. My roommate put me to bed in MY bedroom...I woke up in my roommates bed down the hall. 
. Also, I woke up with a bump the size of a ball sack on my forehead. 

Cheers to the freakin' weekend. 


  1. Why haven't we hung out in a hot decade? And WTF happened to your ball sack bumped forehead? You amaze me.

    PS. I miss you.

  2. I blame that entirely on you. I want to meet your poppa this weekend. I think I ran into the laundry dryer because that's where I found my phone in the morning. Bottoms up!

  3. Um my bed has pretty much had your name on it for months, it's kind of sad that you haven't come to claim your spot yet though...and no one likes a sad bed! However, I'm excited about this bed sharing prospect when you move to new york.

    Bummer about the bump on your head, I've woken up with some incredible injuries in some incredible places as of late. Ahh weekends!

    By the way, I'm coming to hang out with BOTH of you. It would be pretty EPIC, I'm sure.

  4. I want to hang out with all of you! And when are we setting up this date for cyber sex? Your making my lady parts tingle. ;-p

  5. Congrats! Forget MILFS - BILFS are where it's at. Wishing you and your nonexistent wang the best of luck in boning the ladies!


  6. KG - So stoked. You're going to have to show me all the hotspots i.e. places with the easiest men and strongest drinks.

    Kayleigh - Anytime my little apple fritter! You're too hot.

    SP - Thanks boo! Always need as much support as possible. I'm thinking about sending up a donation fund for people to throw down some billz so I can buy a big thick dildo. Thoughts? Bottoms up! Literally.

  7. Congrats on your award, love! I recognize some of those names and I agree that they are bone-worthy.