Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Since When Did This Store Become a Fascist Regime?


Cheerio! After what, five months? Good god. I'm sorry fellow readers (yes, I know that you all give a flying fuck) but I have been delayed. For reasons, unknown. School was taking over my life at one point, but I can't blame that for my absence.

The funny thing is, I've been convincing my roommates that I've been having this secret blog that I've been writing in for quite some time and I will never give them the link or anything to the site. I think it's hilarious, they may beg to differ. Well now here I am, chipper as a damn clam, and ready to blog for the rest of my life because I have nothing else going on that is relevant.

I'll give you a little low down of what is going on in the life of the "Tron," yes that is my nickname. I sound like an autobot. Sorry. I have officially completed my Junior year at WSU and now I am currently residing in the vibrant Pullman, Washington, doing absolutely nothing. Attempting to find a job, but having no success. I'll let you know when that day suddenly changes...ALSO, I'm living in a new place. No longer the "Moulin Rouge," which was my other location that I was residing at for approximately two years of my damn life. That is another tale for another time, the story of the Rouge. Now, I am currently unpacking my pathetic life at the "Halfway House." We (my four other roommates) concluded that it would be appropriate to choose this name because it is halfway to rehab. Not sure if that is inspirational, or just plain depressing.

So onto more present day situations, tonight I had a rather intelligent discussion with fellow ex roommates and other peers about very touchy subjects such as Religion and Capital Punishment and Politics. I've always felt that personally those topics can bring a bit of a punch to the face. Either you completely agree with the fellow person you're talking to, or you end up feeling like a complete dick and worried you will end up with no eyeballs if you say something conflicting to their beliefs. But, I was relieved to say that this conversation was pretty tame and relaxed. Shocking.

I would also like to touch on the fact that we did talk about donuts for a bit too. Specifically how Maple bars are better than the Chocolate "maple" bars.


It's 2:26AM and I am inebriated.


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  1. Fuck you Tron, we found the blog. Miss you tons